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How To Find Creative Focus With Jessica Abel

We're all busy and life seems increasingly chaotic, so how do we find the time and focus to write? In today's show, I talk to Jessica Abel, a comic book artist turned prose writer and creative teacher, about finding your focus and moving past procrasti...
Joanna Penn author

Secrets Of A Seven Figure Non-Fiction Indie Author With Joseph Alexander

The path to successful self-publishing can come in many forms. Joseph Alexander went from teaching guitar in person to writing 40+ books on learning how to play the guitar, scaling his business and reaching a global market, primarily through print book...
Joanna Penn author

Travel Writing With Anna McNuff

Running across New Zealand is a tough adventure and in today's show, Anna McNuff talks about how writing her book about the journey was a completely different challenge. In the intro, I talk about my writing progress on The Healthy Writer, as well as r...
Joanna Penn author

Top 5 Mistakes Of Indie Authors With Ricardo Fayet From Reedsy

Learn from the most common mistakes that indie authors make and save yourself time, money and heartache in today's show with Ricardo Fayet from Reedsy. In the introduction, I mention my thoughts on the Independent Publishers Guild autumn conference and...
Joanna Penn author

Writing Memoir With Roz Morris

How do you determine the line between authentically sharing your story vs. writing for therapy? How do you blend episodes from your life that might help others with aspects that might hurt people you love? I talk about these issues and more with Roz Mo...
Joanna Penn author

From Traditional Publishing To Hybrid And Indie With Crime Thriller Author Michael Ridpath

The publishing world continues to change, but authors who adapt and grow with it are making the best of both worlds, straddling traditional publishing and indie in the hybrid model. In today's show, I talk to Michael Ridpath about his journey. In the i...
Joanna Penn author

Mastering Amazon Ads With Brian D. Meeks

Today I’m talking with Brian D Meeks about Mastering Amazon Ads. We have a really interesting chat about some of the biggest things people get wrong with Amazon ads as well as how to integrate ads into a wider marketing plan – plus, how running a Faceb...
Joanna Penn author

Stop Worrying, Start Writing. How to Overcome Fear and Self-Doubt with Sarah Painter

Self-doubt and fear of failure are a normal part of the creative process, but that doesn't make them any easier to deal with. In today's show, Sarah Painter talks about how to write during the inevitable ups and downs. In the introduction, I talk about...
Joanna Penn author

How To Be A Writer: Traditional Publishing To Indie And Hybrid With John Birmingham

Today I’m talking with Australian author John Birmingham about his journey from the dizzying heights of the traditional publishing scene, to deciding to go indie and hybrid and his insights into how the publishing industry has changed. It’s an honest a...
Joanna Penn author

Writing Christian Fiction And Success Over A Long Career With Jerry B Jenkins

How do you write consistently over a long career? How do you deal with huge ‘overnight' success on your 125th book? How do you balance faith and a great story when writing Christian fiction? I talk about these topics and more with mega-bestselling auth...
Joanna Penn author

Mobile, Multimedia, And An Audience Of Voracious Readers. Talking Wattpad with Ashleigh Gardner

Forget print. Look at the rise and rise of mobile reading and writing, especially amongst Millennials. In today's show, Ashleigh Gardner talks about the latest developments from Wattpad. In the intro, I talk about how Amazon KDP Select has moved to KEN...
Joanna Penn author

Your Magic Bakery Of Intellectual Property Rights With Dean Wesley Smith

As an author, you create a piece of art. But you also create an intellectual property asset that you can license in multiple ways to provide you with a long-term income. In today's show, I discuss the concept of the magic bakery with Dean Wesley Smith....
Joanna Penn author

Balancing Ambition And Contentment. Lessons Learned From Thrillerfest 2017

In today's show, I talk about my lessons learned from Thrillerfest 2017 on balancing ambition and contentment, the current publishing and book marketing environment, writing craft tips, the ethos of the working writer, and more. In the introduction, I ...
Joanna Penn author

Real Artists Don’t Starve. Creativity And Money With Jeff Goins

It's time to banish the poor author back to the garret and explode the myths of the penniless creative. Choose the model of Picasso and Michelangelo, merging creativity and business to get your words out in the world, change lives and grow your bank ac...
Joanna Penn author

How To Write Fast, Publish Slowly And Focus On Your Author Marketing With Rachel Aaron

We all have limited time, and part of being a successful author is knowing what to focus on. In today's show, I talk to Rachel Aaron about how to write more words faster, edit and publish carefully, and how to decide which marketing strategies will wor...
Joanna Penn author

The Rollercoaster Of Traditional And Indie Publishing With Sean Black

Many authors still want a traditional deal and in today's show, thriller author Sean Black talks about his journey from winning the literary lottery through to happy indie success. In the intro, I talk about the new multi-currency pricing feature on Pu...
Joanna Penn author

How To Use Dictation To Write Faster And Stay Healthy With Scott Baker

Authors as diverse as Henry James, Winston Churchill, Barbara Cartland, and Dan Brown have used dictation to write their first drafts, and with the development of ever-more precise software, many authors are moving into dictation to speed up writing an...
Joanna Penn author

How To Write a Mystery With Rebecca Cantrell And J.F.Penn

There are key elements that mystery readers expect so if you want to write a bestselling or award-winning mystery, check out this conversation with Rebecca Cantrell. In the intro, I talk about the fantastic new audiobook partnership between Draft2Digit...
Joanna Penn author

Changes In The Publishing Industry And Launching Non-Fiction Books With Dan Blank

Is the author platform still a necessity in an age of paid advertising? What has changed in the last few years of publishing? I discuss these questions and more with Dan Blank in today's show. In the intro, I discuss some of the publishing talk coming ...
Joanna Penn author

How To Manage Your Time and Automate Your Author Marketing With Nick Stephenson

There is never enough time for everything we want to do as writers, let alone in the rest of our lives. In today's show, I talk to Nick Stephenson about prioritization and automation of author marketing, so we have more time to write … and to live. In ...
Joanna Penn author

Inside The Writers’ Room: Screenwriting And Pitching Tips From Adam Gaines

Today I have an interview with screenwriter Adam Gaines. We discuss what happens in the ‘writer's room', collaboration, how self-publishing his own one-act play got him a deal, as well as how you could pitch your book. In the intro, I give a personal u...
Joanna Penn author

The Art And Business Of Bookbinding With Lisa Van Pelt

Print is definitely not dead, and in fact, beautiful print books are having a renaissance. In today's show, I discuss the art and business of bookbinding with Lisa Van Pelt. In the introduction, Amazon announces Amazon Charts, described as a Bestseller...
Joanna Penn author

Ebook Bundling For Authors With Chuck Heintzelman

51% of my fiction book sales income for the last year has been from boxsets, rising to 77% of my Kobo fiction sales income. Without box sets, my income would be significantly less – plus, being in multi-author-boxsets enables me to reach new readers. S...
Joanna Penn author

How To Make A Million With Your Books With Dean Crawford

Writing books is not a get rich quick scheme … but it can be a get rich slowly scheme, and provide a rewarding, creative life. In today's show, I discuss writing, publishing and book marketing with Dean Crawford. In the introduction, I talk about the ‘...
Joanna Penn author

Small Press Publishing And Selling Non-Fiction Books With Alison Jones

Publishing has changed so much in the last twenty-five years and Alison Jones has worked within the industry during that time, switching from the big publishing houses to her own independent imprint. In today's show, we discuss the changes and opportun...
Joanna Penn author

Audiobook Production, Distribution And Sales With J. Daniel Sawyer

Publishing industry reports continue to show the rise of audiobook sales, and there are lots of opportunities for indie authors to get their books out there in audio. In today’s show, J. Daniel Sawyer explains some of the options. In the intro, I menti...
Joanna Penn author

Co-Writing Dark Fantasy In New Orleans With Lindsay Buroker, J Thorn And Zach Bohannon

A month ago, on March 18, 2017, four authors met for the first time at Chicago Union station and boarded an Amtrak train for New Orleans. On the (bumpy, noisy, sleepless) journey south, we plotted a story, then wrote for a week in New Orleans while hav...
Joanna Penn author

The Future of Publishing: AI, Mixed Reality, Machine Learning And More With Thad McIlroy

In 2007, Apple released the iPhone and Amazon released the first Kindle. A LOT has changed in the publishing world since then. Technology has shifted reading as well as writing and new companies spring up every day that may disrupt the old order of thi...
Joanna Penn author

The Importance Of Time For Selling Books And Building An Author Career With Bryan Cohen

Finding time to write while juggling family and work commitments is one of the hardest things for creatives. It also takes time to build your writing career once you do get some books out there. Today, Bryan Cohen and I discuss these issues as well as ...
Joanna Penn author

Podcasting Tips And Tricks With Jerod Morris

Podcasting definitely changed my life and so I am an evangelist for audio! Whether you want to start or improve your own show, or become a guest on other people’s, you’ll find lots of useful tips in this interview with Jerod Morris. In the introduction...
Joanna Penn author

Advertising For Authors With Mark Dawson

It’s a crowded book market, and even if you have a quality product with a great cover, you still need to get attention for your book somehow. Amazon Advertising opened up to all authors who publish on Amazon in Dec 2016, and I’ve been trying them out w...
Joanna Penn author

Using Improv Techniques For Creativity Plus Facebook Ad Tips With Andrea Vahl

Creativity in writing is about saying ‘yes’ to the Muse, about leaning into what we think, rather than self-censoring. But this is one of the hardest things about being a writer. In today’s interview, Andrea Vahl gives us some tips from improv and stan...
Joanna Penn author

What Authors Can Learn From the Music Business with Dave Kusek

Changes in the music industry have preceded the shift in publishing: physical to digital formats and now streaming and micro-payments; musicians choosing to go indie instead of joining big labels; and the need for multiple streams of income and buildin...
Joanna Penn author

Copywriting For Authors With Joanna Wiebe

Authors need to know about copywriting. It’s writing designed to make the reader take action, so we can use these techniques in writing the all-important sales description for the online book retailers, as well as ads for Facebook, BookBub and more. In...
Joanna Penn author

Find And Serve Your Niche For Long Term Success With Chris Brogan

This is one of those landmark interviews for me because Chris Brogan was one of the first people I followed online. His book, Trust Agents, shaped the way I run my business, and his video on the 10-year overnight success helped me through difficult tim...
Joanna Penn author

How To Protect Your Creative Work With Kathryn Goldman

As authors, our wealth is in our intellectual property assets – our books. So it’s important to protect them and ensure they continue to earn us money for the life of copyright. In today’s show, attorney Kathryn Goldman explains copyright and how you c...
Joanna Penn author

How To Balance Art And Business With Tara Gentile

I met Tara Gentile at Digital Commerce Summit in Denver last year, and her message around business design helped shape my (new) 10-year plan. So I’m thrilled to introduce her today as we talk about creativity and commerce. In the introduction, I say he...
Joanna Penn author

Use Your Own Life Story To Bring Depth to Your Writing with Steven Pressfield

Steven Pressfield is a mentor to many writers through books like The War of Art and Turning Pro.  But Steve learned his creative lessons the hard way, and he shares that story in his new book, The Knowledge. In this interview, I ask Steve how he turned...
Joanna Penn author

The Mastery Journal And How to Self-Publish Premium Print Products with John Lee Dumas

Some of the most popular print products and merchandise are not books filled with the words of the author, but journals waiting to be filled. In today’s interview, I find out how John Lee Dumas made $400k by self-publishing a premium print notebook, in...
Joanna Penn author

How Authors Can Empower Themselves as Creative Entrepreneurs with Kristine Kathryn Rusch

It’s easier to imagine a successful creative life when you have examples to model yourself on. Today, I’m thrilled to share an interview with Kristine Kathryn Rusch, one of my online mentors and creative examples. Yes, I’m a total fan girl 🙂 In the int...
Joanna Penn author

Beautiful Ebook Formatting with Brad Andalman from Vellum

I want my ebooks to look great but I don’t want the technical hassle of having to care about formatting issues. So when I discovered Vellum, I quickly became a convert and then an evangelist! Today I get my geek on with Brad Andalman. In the intro, I g...
Joanna Penn author

My 2017 Goals. Plus Visualization and Positive Thinking For Authors with Nina Amir

I love the New Year! It’s full of promise for the year ahead and in today’s show, I talk to Nina Amir about positive thinking and creative visualization to help you set your goals for 2017. In the (mega-45 mins) introduction, I go through a couple of t...
Joanna Penn author

How Authors Can Use Content Marketing To Sell More Books With Pamela Wilson

Some say there’s too much content out there, that it’s too late to start creating a blog or a podcast … or a book. I say that we’re only just getting started 🙂 In today’s show, I discuss content marketing with Pamela Wilson. There are many more voices ...
Joanna Penn author

Seven Years And 300 Episodes. Creative Lessons Learned From Podcasting Since 2009

I started The Creative Penn podcast in March 2009 as a way to learn about writing, publishing and book marketing as well as make connections in the industry. I recorded the first interview with a landline phone on speaker and a hand-held recording devi...
Joanna Penn author

Merchandising For Authors With Melissa Addey

Bookstores are busy with shoppers buying presents for the holiday season right now. They’re buying books, but they’re also buying merchandise related to those books or author brands. Many indie authors have got to grips with producing ebooks, print-on-...
Joanna Penn author

Productivity For Creative People With Mark McGuinness

There are so many things that authors need to do now as well as write, plus there are a lot more distractions. So how do we stay productive and creative in a crazy busy world? I discuss this with Mark McGuinness in today’s show. In the introduction, I ...
Joanna Penn author

From Author Entrepreneur To Creative Business Empire With Sean Platt

When you’re writing that first book, it can seem inconceivable that you might want to run an author business someday. But inevitably, things change! Today I talk about the journey from author to entrepreneur to creative business empire with Sean Platt....
Joanna Penn author

Creative Writing: DIY MFA with Gabriela Pereira

You don’t need a degree in writing to make a living as a writer. I know because my degrees are in Theology and Psychology, not writing, and I’m doing alright 🙂 Today I talk to Gabriela Pereira about the pros and cons of an MFA. In the intro I mention: ...
Joanna Penn author

Taking Control Of Your Author Business In A Time Of Constant Change. My Report On The Last Month Away.

In the last month, I have spoken at Digital Commerce Summit in Denver, attended a week long professional author conference in Oregon, and spent 10 days doing book research in Israel. I left in early October needing inspiration for the next 10 years of ...
Joanna Penn author

Story Genius: How To Use Brain Science to Write a Riveting Novel with Lisa Cron

What makes a story memorable? What keeps readers turning the pages? Lisa Cron explains her tips for writing a story that readers love. This is a pre-recorded intro as I am currently traveling in Israel. If you want to see the photos, pop over to Facebo...
Joanna Penn author