Therapeutic Modalities

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Lecture #1 for AT 414 - Therapeutic Modalities at Chapman University. This lecture includes the PowerPoint notes and audio from the instructor covering the 3 phases of soft-tissue healing, chemical mediators, and factors that impede healing of the injured athlete/patient.

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Podcasts for students in my AT 414 course at Chapman University. The purpose of creating and utilizing these podcasts is to allow students to learn breadth of content outside of class and to allow the class to learn depth of content during class time.
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Pulsed US and Tissue Healing

Group student project on pulsed ultrasound and its effects on tissue healing. The group was required to find peer-reviewed evidence of the effectiveness of pulsed ultrasound. Group member were: Max Nikolenko, Ashley Raciak, and Nick Harvey
Jason Bennett author

Pulsed Ultrasound and Pain

Group student project on the effectiveness of ultrasound on pain, spasm, and pulsed US vs. exercise. Created by students: Christine Schwass, Aphrodite Daphnis, and Robbie Harrison at Chapman University.
Jason Bennett author

Ultrasound podcast

Topics covered include: ultrasound energy, parameters of ultrasound, and applying ultrasound correctly based on current research evidence.
Jason Bennett author

Cryotherapy Podcast

Topics covered include: mechanism of heat transfer; local effects of cryotherapy on inflammation, muscle spasm and pain, and circulation; role of compression with cryotherapy; and sensations associated with cold therapy.
Jason Bennett author

Pain Podcast

Lecture #2 - Unit #1This lecture covers the different theories of pain control, including some chemical mediators of pain modulation
Jason Bennett author

Physiology of Tissue Repair

Lecture #1 - Unit #1Covers the phases of soft-tissue healing including the important chemical mediators of the acute inflammatory phase.
Jason Bennett author