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Alternative health experts Dr. Zachary Ward and Dr. Anthony Rumsey try to make sense of first world problems, and the unique challenges of living in a technologically modern society that wants you to be fat, tired, and addicted to dopamine delivery systems.

It's all about your health, happiness and quality of life as a first world health care consumer.

Topics like circumcision, gluten, statins, health research, science, hormones, food, indoor air quality, concussion, school testing, effects of EMF energy, mind-body connections, and even popular medical and alternative health treatments are covered. And the topics keep growing weekly.

For those who want to take control of their health,it's always helpful...and sometimes controversial. Subscribe and join us as we create a positive momentum toward health on our own terms.

And look - we're not experts at podcasting yet. But we are passionate about your potential. And the truth.

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Positive Momentum Toward Health– On Your Own Terms– Always Helpful– Sometimes Controversial
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Tactical vegan cooking with Jason Wrobel– Episode 015

Every non-vegan should own at least one vegan cookbook. And as celebrity chef Jason Wrobel's new cookbook Eaternity starts with a milkshake recipe for a better sex life, this cookbook might be a great place to start. Jason says cooking shouldn't be ab...
Survival Value Healthcast author

Sensory processing with Dayna Abraham– Episode 014

Some people run from a crisis. Dayna Abraham of Lemon Lime Adventures decided to build a life around it in order to understand it. What could possibly make a mom leave her job as a teacher, pull her child from public school, start a blog, write a book...
Survival Value Healthcast author

Statins: should you believe the hype?– Episode 013

Cholesterol -  the mere thought of it is enough to make many people's arteries narrow. But is cholesterol truly a super-villain hell-bent on destroying your cardiovascular system? Or might this much maligned substance needed in nearly every cell of you...
Survival Value Healthcast author

How to wreck your health– Episode 012

Don't you just hate it when you think you're doing the right thing...And it turns out you're not? What happens when you follow the rules and it turns out not to be in your best interest? We take two different perspectives on how to ruin a good thing by...
Survival Value Healthcast author

How your home can make you sick– Episode 011

What if your home, the pivotal part of providing for the safety and security of your family, was making you sick? Your home is supposed to be your castle. Your place to relax, be yourself, and forget about the hustle and bustle of the outside world. W...
Survival Value Healthcast author

This is your brain– on EMF energy– Episode 010

Would you press your face to a running microwave? Or buy a house next door to an electrical sub station? Are you one of those unique people who gets sick from WiFi? Our brains and bodies are bathed in electromagnetic frequencies - from all kinds of pow...
Survival Value Healthcast author

Hormone dystopia: artificial evolution of modern men and women?– Episode 009

We're experiencing an artificial hormone evolution. Or is it a hormone revolution? The concentration and distribution of hormones in both males and females is changing. What's causing this change? And what does this shift mean for men and women, societ...
Survival Value Healthcast author

The cultural effects of happy pills? Antidepressants from a different angle– Episode 008

Modern people are depressed. Especially in America. And especially women. Or at least that's the conclusion we come to looking at the levels of persons taking medication for depression. Specifically a kind of anti-depression medication called SSRIs, or...
Survival Value Healthcast author

How to change your life in 30 days– Episode 007

Are you ready for a change for the better? Are you ready for a change but feel like you can't make one because you don't have much time, money, or whatever other excuse you might have? Then we have a challenge for you. It's possible to change your lif...
Survival Value Healthcast author

Are you man or machine?– Episode 006

With the advancement of science and technology in the 20th century, health care in the United States has narrowed its perspective to an almost purely mechanistic view when it comes to the assessment and treatment of health and disease. For the first ti...
Survival Value Healthcast author

Circumcision: is it worth it?– Episode 005

Most of us would agree that avoiding unnecessary surgical procedures is good practice--especially when it comes to infants and children. But in the United States, and a few other countries, the surgical procedure of circumcising newborn baby boys is a ...
Survival Value Healthcast author

Surviving (new) school testing– Episode 004

The public education system in the United States is supposed to be serving the educational needs of our children--but how well are we really accomplishing that task? And are the changes being made in that system being driven by the desire to improve th...
Survival Value Healthcast author

Electronics that control inflammation?– Episode 003

Imagine a future where your anti-virus software has to protect your nervous system, not just your home computer. Or, where overseas hackers can commandeer your digestive tract. Science fiction coming alive is just around the corner with the growing fie...
Survival Value Healthcast author

Can you trust science?– Episode 002

Can you trust science when it comes to your health? Is there a crisis in science? We take a crack at science versus scientism, bias versus corruption, and even discuss the spooky stuff that happens when human beings try to study life in a lab. Is there...
Survival Value Healthcast author

Do birth choices affect the human gut biome?– Episode 001

In the the age of antibiotics, most people have taken a very negative view of bacteria as it relates to human health. Research into bacteria in the digestive tract shows that bacteria of certain kinds are necessary for a healthy life. Medical choices a...
Survival Value Healthcast author