SigTalks: Sigafoose THE chiropractic philosophy

SigTalks: Sigafoose THE chiropractic philosophy podcast was created to explore the works of Dr. James M. Sigafoose. Throughout all of his works; Audio, Video and Written, Dr. Sigafoose's primary objective was to maintain THE chiropractic philosophy in the profession. On this podcast we will listen and try to understand and explain his works.

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Weekly conversations on the Audio, Video and Written works of Dr. James M. Sigafoose and how his ideology and passion for THE philosophy of chiropractic is explained in his works.
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Discussions about the works of Dr. James M. Sigafoose with Dr. Carey N. Pabouet-Sigafoose and guest, such as Dr. Liam Schubel, Dr. Jim Dubel and many more. author  
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172 SigTalks | Between Two Students, Sigafoose Consultation Call

What do you get when you put two first year chiropractic students in one room and have them listen to a clip of Dr. James Sigafoose's consultation calls? Two pretty kickass students who have a good understanding of what it is we do. Have a listen and l...

171 SigTalks | Sigafoose At Red Deer, That Adjustment With A Little Extra Something

So do you want to know more about Well here is your chance. Just listen and then ask.

170 SigTalks | What Is Sigafoose Weekly – Red Deer!

Sometimes a title is just what it is! What is Sigafoose Weekly? Well, listen and find out. In a nut shell, it is, " The Chiropracitc Philosophy." Listen and find out how you can become the old school chiro, that teaches their patients, what it is we DO...

169 SigTalks | Let’s Talk About Fees!

It is not about your Fees! It is about how many patients your are serving. Yup, that is all I got! Have a listen and tell me what you think. Also listen till the end. There is a special that you are not going to want to miss. Dr. Carey

168 SigTalks | Forgiving Your Father

Forgiving your father? This episode is so much more than that. In this episode, Dr. James Sigafoose, goes into the Principle of Chiropractic and whatever it is that, that means to you. At about the 10 minute mark is when it gets really interesting and ...

167 SigTalks | Patient Education, “Is It Important?”

How do you educate your patients? This is a BIG question and also incredibly important, because without an educated patient, you will have a short lived client who is only coming in to see you because they just want to get rid of their pain and not so ...

166 SigTalks | THOUGHT

What is "Thought" to you? Is it just a random thing or is it what controls our every outcome? I mean, come on, we all know that if you can think it you can have it, so what is keeping you back from becoming the person you know that you are? Your "thoug...

165 SigTalks | HEAL

Dr. James Sigafoose discuss how Innate, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions impact human health and the ability to heal, love and experience life through Universal Intelligence. Dr. Carey HEAL - TRAILER

164 SigTalks | Your Intention Of The Adjustment, Is Your Art Form

If having a successful practice is all about location, location, location; then a success adjustment is all about Intention, Intention, Intention. Dr. Carey

162 SigTalks | Whenever The Symptom Goes Away, The Patient Goes Away!

So how many times are you going to wondering why you are not growing, while you are seeing 30-40-50-60 new patients a month? My father calls that selling the practice, not the principle. If you would stop focusing on pain and musculoskeletal report of ...

163 SigTalks | Where The Heck Is The Vertebral Subluxation

Don't you just hate semantics? On this episode, I don't think I 100% agree with my Dad. Hey! It happens, does it mean that I am right? No, but it does mean that I have an opinion. So listen to this episode and then head on over to our Facebook page and...

161 SigTalks | The word: CHIROPRACTIC

What's in a word? A hell of a lot! There is no other way of saying it, if you think of chiropractic as just a word, then you are missing part of whole meaning of what it is we do. Chiropractic is a SCIENCE, ART & PHILOSOPHY! You take out one word a...

160 SigTalks | The Primordial Subluxation Is???

It's CHURCH day at SigTalks! Dr. Jim takes us to church today and a whole lot of other places too. Hint! My favorite part comes towards the end when he talks about "thought" and not the think and grow rich kind, the unsubluxated mind kind. See You On T...

159 SigTalks | We Need Each Other More Than We Realize

Be yourself and do good things. Those are two gems I pulled from this episode. There are so many more, but that is what I got. What did you get? As for the title, "We Need Each Other More Than We Realize," well you will have to listen to figure that ou...

158 SigTalks | Hunches

Sometimes the hair on the back of your neck standing up, is a HUNCH, that you should probably listen to.  This week on SigTalks, Dr. J. Sigafoose, covers Hunches and Intent. Two topics that I have a hunch you are not going to want to miss. Also this we...

157 SigTalks | Commitment Is The First Essential In A Chiropractic Practice.

Hidden at the end of this clip from the "Soms Nu, Some Niet, series on the Sigafoose Weekly program, is a gem! My father pulls out 4 things that you must do to have a successful practice. Now I could tell you what they are or you could listen and find ...

156 SigTalks | Excellence In Chiropractic

What is excellence in chiropractic? Is it having a high PVA? How about making a lot of money? Or is it making your office look like an MD's office, so you will be accepted into the medical world model? Have a listen to what Dr. Sig has to say about it ...

155 SigTalks | Chiropractic First, Medicine Second & Surgery Last

I love this title episode, I love the name of this episode, but I love what it is about more and NO I am not going to make you listen to it to know what that is. COMMUNICATION! That is what this episode is about. Not just the "Hey YOOUU" type of commun...

154 SigTalks | Let’s Talk About Wisdom!

There is more "Wisdom" in this episode then I could handle! Sooo, I focused on what I could and I took it from there. What is it that you want? What are you willing to do to get it? Are you willing to keep at it until your spark ignites? These are the ...

153 SigTalks | The Creative Process

You do not contact Innate, Innate contacts you. That is also where you will find Chiropractic. It is inside of you, you just have to allow it to be released. From above, down and inside-out. This is a clip from one of Dr. Sigafoose's consultation calls...

152 SigTalks | THE LECTURE

This week on we join Dr. James Sigafoose at a DE meeting and he titled his talk, "The Lecture." Now if you have never heard my father Live, then this is for you. I focused on his part of the talk where he says, "We are to make ourselves fi...

151 SigTalks | Let’s Talk About The Practicality Of Innate

Hey how's everyones week been? Well we are back with a brand new episode from one of my favorite Sigafoose sources, his consultation calls. This week Dr. Sig hits on Referring, Teaching Innate and my favorite Adaptation. As always, what did you get fro...

150 SigTalks | What Changed Is Me!

This week we hear from the "Higher Ground" series.  This six digital video series was created to help each and every one of us create a volume practice. This series was made and filmed at the “Sigafoose & Jackson Chiropractic Clinic” in York, Penns...

149 SigTalks | What's Going To Go On In My Day TODAY? – with Zarak Bartley

Today on SigTalks I collaborate with Zarak Bartley, a student from the Barcelona College of Chiropractic.  In the episode we discuss a segment from Dr.Jim Sigafoose at Red Deer.  We will talk about the type of patient you wish to see in practice and di...

148 SigTalks | Dr. Carey’s ChiroSushi Talk “Freedom”

Join us this week in Las Vegas as Dr. Carey takes the stage at ChiroSushi. This is a special episode from his talk and it is also the last show of this season. I hope you enjoy it and we will be back after the summer break. Tot Ziens Dr. Carey

147 SigTalks | Things To Do - To Get More People In Your Practice

OK, Let's assume you know how to get patients in the door, but here is my question, do you know how to keep them? On this episode, Dr. Sig, talks about all kinds of marketing ideas, but listen closely to the part where he speaks about educating the pat...

146 SigTalks | Sigafoose Weekly, 3 Years Old

There are a few things that I am proud of in my life, like my husband and my family and the program I put together of ALL my fathers products. A program that will allow the members to listen, watch and read the lifetime of works by my father Dr. James ...

145 SigTalks | The Principle Of Success

This week, the title says it all! The Principle Of Success!  To be honest, the principle of success is whatever it is that you are doing that is successful!  Do not let the negativity, that surrounds us all on a daily basis, to smother you until you ju...

144 SigTalks | Success Comes From Us – Not To Us

What is success to you? Where does that success come from? Do you prepare for success in your practice by looking on the inside and focusing on what it is you want. Dr. Pam Jarboe say, "Success is an inside-out job." Take a moment and leave us a commen...

143 SigTalks | We Need To Eliminate Negative Thoughts

How many times a day do you think or say negative things? I think that I am a pretty positive individual, but I wrote everything negative I said or thought down for a week, and I have to say, I am not that positive of a person! I challenge you to liste...

142 SigTalks | Knowing Your Product

Take a minute and grab the next person you see and explain chiropractic to them. If you are having a hard time or you don't want to do it, maybe it is because you really don't understand your product. On this episode, Dr. Sigafoose, talks about underst...

141 SigTalks | Being Obedient To The Soul

Have you lost purpose? Does your EGO get in the way of you Giving, Loving, Doing and Serving? Have you lost yourself in how big you want to be instead of finding that quiet time and focusing on how small we really are?  Don't get me wrong, I know we ca...

140 SigTalks | FAITH

How much faith do you have in your own abilities? Dr. Sigafoose goes over how important FAITH is in your self as well as in God/Universal Intelligence. This week I was joined by Dr. Pam Jarboe of ChiroBloom and we had our first audience show, with Dr. ...

139 SigTalks | INNATE to money

INNATE to money is a little deceptive when it comes to titles. If you want to hear what Dr. Sigafoose says about it, and my response, you will just have to listen.  Is my response what you thought it was, or are we not on the same page and we totally g...

138 SigTalks | Enlarging Your Thought

How do you, Enlarge Your Thought? How do you grow your practice, if you can't open your mind to goals that you have always thought were outside of your reach? This week on SigTalks, Dr. James Sigafoose talks about exactly that. If you can't enlarge you...

137 SigTalks | Life Is Motion

When is the last time you saw a dead tree bear fruit? When is the last time you saw road kill get up and walk around?  If you answered "NEVER" then you will understand what this episode is all about. Motion is life! From a world class athlete running i...

136 SigTalks | Does Innate Make Mistakes – From Answers

Do you have an intimate relationship with Innate? Is it something that you can put all your trust in? How many of you listening to this episode believe in Innate, but you never speak about it to your patients? There are a butt load of topics on this we...

135 SigTalks | To Screen Or Not To Screen, That Is The Question

When is the last time you did a screening? When is the last time you had major office growth. Screening is not just about getting new patients, it is about getting out there and telling the chiropractic story to anyone who will listen. So if you're not...

134 SigTalks | The Self Starter, Better Late Than Never.

This is part II from last weeks show "Is Chiropractic A Religion." I had to share another part of this episode, because the lesson it teaches is so important. Are you an out of the pocket type of guy or more like me, a 15 years in practice and I finall...

133 SigTalks | The Religion Of Chiropractic

The age old question, "Is chiropractic a religion?" If D.D. had his way it would have been, but thank goodness that B.J. saw it differently.  Now does it have some similarities to religion? Yes. But so does my affection towards cookies, but that does n...

132 SigTalks | Consistent & Persistent

Do you change your story from patient to patient depending on what aches and pains they are complaining about?  Or due you stick to the chiropractic story! Do your remain consistent and persistent. That is the one tiny detail that I got from this episo...

131 SigTalks | Why Didn’t Somebody Tell Me This Before

How many people do we never help, because we never took the time to tell them what chiropractic is? How many people are out there grasping at straws and relying on medicine to save them, when all it is doing is covering up the symptoms and killing them...

130 SigTalks | Sigafoose the P.T. Barnum of Chiropractic

So what did everyone do over Christmas? I finally go to dig back through my box of Dad's audios and I came across the 12 tapes a year program. The good news is, is that I saved a year of them, the bad news is the first 12 and the last 12 were lost. So ...

129 SigTalks | Practice Building With Dr. Pam Jarboe Of ChiroBloom

For this episode, I had to enlist the help of one of the best chiropractors, consultants and speakers I know, Dr. Pam Jarboe of ChiroBloom.  I had the fortune of speaking on the same platform with her this past year at ChiroEurope and within moments, a...

128 SigTalks | The LAW

Have your listened to a speaker or an audio recording where the presenter has left your head spinning? Well today my sister Veronique and her husband Nick and I listened to my fathers consultation call we called "The Law."  In this episode he talks abo...

127 SigTalks | It’s Called, “Here It Is.”

"Here It Is," wraps up one of my fathers best consultation calls ever, in my opinion. Here we see how selling yourself is not just about who you are or how you dress, it is about how simple you make it for your patients to understand what it is we do. ...

126 SigTalks | What Is Your Consciousness?

When you adjust, what is your consciousness? What is your state of mind? What is your intent? Are you adjusting to just move the bone, or is it to reconnect your patients innate to Universal Intelligence and hence reconnecting the invisible to the visi...

125 SigTalks | Selling Yourself

How do you sell yourself? Are you being you, or are you being who everyone thinks you should be? As Dr. Sigafoose says, "Don't be a freak, but be who you are." You have to stand out in the crowd to get noticed, but when you do, you have to deliver your...

124 SigTalks | From The Invisible To The Visible

I am not meant to understand everything, I am not meant to know how or why something works or happens. That does not mean that I have not seen how things can come to someone from the invisible to the visible. In fact I have not only seen it in my own l...

123 SigTalks | In Office Workshop

Are you doing in office workshops to further educate your patients on what we do as chiropractors?  In this episode, we listen to a clip of Dr. James Sigafoose's, "doctor education video," designed to help doctors learn how to use his flip chart, now a...