SciRunner is a podcast that discusses the Science of Running. If it's science, and it's about running, we'll talk about it!

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Data Driven Running
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2016-09-24 20:46
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Episode 6: Gender and Sex – Part 2

In part two of Gender and Sex, we discuss the ludicrous idea that the Nazis entered a man into the women’s field of running, “nude parades” at the Olympics, the effects of gender transition on...The postEpisode 6: Gender and Sex – Part 2 appeared first...
Nigel Fish& Katie Marshall author

Episode 5: Gender and Sex– Part 1

There’s a reason we list gender and sex as separate topics in the title.  That’s because, unlike what you might think, it’s not as simple as XX and XY chromosomes leading to male and female bodies which...The postEpisode 5: Gender and Sex – Part 1 appe...
Nigel Fish& Katie Marshall author

Episode 4: Minimalism

No shirt, no shoes, no service…. But you might just be able to win an Olympic marathon. Minimalism burst onto the running scene with the publication of Born to Run in 2009, claiming that running...The postEpisode 4: Minimalism appeared first onSciRunne...
Nigel Fish& Katie Marshall author

Episode 3: Wanna Get High?

First it starts with a 5K. Next thing you know your child has moved onto a 10K, then a half marathon, then even a full marathon. Spending hours every week feeding this disgusting habit. And...The postEpisode 3: Wanna Get High? appeared first onSciRunne...
Nigel Fish& Katie Marshall author

Episode 2: Running Will Kill You!

Headline, Ottawa Citizen:“RUNNING COULD KILL YOU!”. Men’s Fitness: “HARDER, STRONGER, FASTER RUNNING CAN KILL YOU” Are you scared? ARE YOU SCARED? Every six months or so, headlines proclaiming the doom of people who like to...The postEpisode 2: Running...
Nigel Fish& Katie Marshall author

Episode 1: Alcohol& Running

So after many many unfortunate events that involved a lab flood, a pair of stolen and destroyed glasses, and more rain than any person should have to stand, we’re happy to present our first podcast!...The postEpisode 1: Alcohol& Running appeared fi...
Nigel Fish& Katie Marshall author