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Ideas to Power Your Podcast, from The Blubrry Team
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Learning How to Podcast As You Go

Not everyone is fit to host a podcast, not at the beginning at least. There is a lot of learning that goes into hosting a podcast, writing show notes, finding guests, learning how to interview, the list goes on and on. But the guest this week, Lara, wa...

Set A Podcast Schedule, Stick To It.

Sometimes, podcasting is as easy as setting a schedule and sticking to it. Sure, there are a myriad of other factors that go into the production, publishing, etc. but there is no show if you can’t sit down and record. Sarah Duncan and Pamela Walker-Dee...

The Purpose of Your Podcast

People create podcasts for lots of reasons, such as to discuss their favorite whiskeys with their friends, or review the latest Cavs game. Others, are a bit more serious and every once in a while it’s important to evaluate the purpose of your podcast. ...

Your PowerPress Podcast – ppp81 and yp49

While the cat is away, the Mice will play.  MacKenzie is out at Podcon and Todd is out at an undisclosed location so Mike and (guest host) John Hankins (From the Blubrry support team) do a combined episode of Your Podcast and PowerPress Podcast. Welcom...

Podcast RSS Feed Misconceptions

An RSS feed is crucial for a podcast, in fact without one you technically don’t have a podcast, you’re just sharing audio. Regardless, they’re not as simple as they sound always, and there are many RSS feed misconceptions out there that podcasters don’...

Continuous Change in Your Podcast

If one thing is for certain, it’s change and the same can be said for anyone that has a podcast. The latest episode of the PowerPress Podcast talks about continuous change in your podcast. It might not always be on the forefront of your mind but shows ...

Why Does Your Podcast Matter

A great followup to the last episode, we discuss why someones podcast matters and the reasons behind starting one and ending one. Jason Lustig, host of Jewish History Matters, started his show about a year ago and is currently in it’s second season. He...

The Role of Podcasts in Education

People listen to podcasts for many reasons, one of which is for their education. The role of podcasts in education has become more prominent in the past few years as well, with schools adding it to their curriculum and sharing lectures out as podcasts,...

From the Founders’ Mouths: International Podcast Day

Steve and Dave Lee, founders of International Podcast Day, joined MacKenzie to discuss the 5th annual celebration, occurring on September 30th. A day dedicated to the power of podcasting for not only creators but listeners and enthusiasts, Blubrry is p...

Learnings the Ins and Outs of Podcasting

Podcasting has quite a learning curve for most when they’re first getting started. Fortunately, there are some people out there to help others learn, or just hand off to someone more experienced. Dan Thibeault, is a podcaster himself, created Fast Twit...

PowerPress Plugin 10th Anniversary

The PowerPress plugin is officially 10 years old as of August 2018. The free WordPress .org plugin created and offered by the Blubrry Podcasting team has had many iterations over the years and the main developer, Angelo Mandato, joined MacKenzie to cha...

So, What Happened At Podcast Movement

Another year, another whirlwind at Podcast Movement, this time in Philadelphia. In attendance as always was Tim McGowen, not a podcaster – yet – but a huge podcast junkie. A friend of the Blubrry team he’s prepared to start a podcast but hasn’t done so...

Repeat: Everyday Superhumans

Everyday Superhumans was the featured podcast last fall and with the recent office move, MacKenzie decided to go ahead and share a great past episode as opposed to releasing a lackluster new one. Who knew an office move could cause so much disruption t...

Expanding From Blogging to Podcasting

Managing your finances is a challenge that must be met on a daily basis, but Gwen and J from Fire Drill Podcast – Financial Independence, Real Estate, have taken this to a whole new level. Gwen from the podcast joined MacKenzie to talk about the growth...

Universities Using Podcasting to Reach the Community

Creating and reaching a community can be done via a podcast and that is exactly what the University of Colorado has done with CU on the Air Podcast, a podcast started by the University Relations department in 2017. Canva, and how the tool can be utiliz...

Colin Gray Tells All on His New Podcast Web App, Alitu

It’s been quite a while since Colin Gray was on the show, but he came back with lots of new things to talk about in podcasting. He’s known as the Podcast Host and the man behind multiple podcasts. Based in Scotland, he is familiar with all the hosting ...

Podcasting Tips from Expert Gary Leland

To improve podcasting you have to go through some trial and error. The episode opens discussing secrets that make some podcast hosts better than others. Podcast Hall of Fame inductee, Gary Leland, chatted with MacKenzie about what he has accomplished a...

Licensed Music for your Podcast via SourceAudio

Podcasters can now purchase licensed music for their podcasts via SourceAudio and Blubrry. This new relationship comes from the increased risks associated with using licenses for music that do not pertain directly to podcasts. SourceAudio is providing ...

NAB’s Podcasting Pavilion with Blubrry and Ask the Expert

The National Association of Broadcasters is coming up soon, April 9-12 in Las Vegas, and this year a Podcasting Pavilion has been included; expect to see the Blubrry team and Chris Curran there. He’s made a name for himself with his audio engineering s...

Most Popular Apple Podcast Categories and The Importance of a Podcast Site - PowerPress Podcast

Podcast listeners enjoy a variety of content categories, and someone was able to track the most popular ones in Apple for a year. The data and trends were not surprising, but it’s how a podcaster uses that data for their own show that matters. The gues...

Using Categories or Channels For Your Podcast - PowerPress Podcast

PowerPress offers a wide variety of options on how to set up a podcast. Two Blubrry team members, Mike Dell and Shawn Thorpe explain the pros and cons of using either option. Podcasters that have a network of shows on their website should be using the ...

Some Guy and the Bug Man Give Their Opinions on YouTube - PowerPress Podcast

Podcasts do not truly belong on Youtube, and you most likely should not be putting your episodes on that video platform. Most podcasts are audio and by putting them on YouTube you are risking your content rights, channel and more. Daniel J. Lewis expla...

Radio Cutbacks and the Edible-Alpha podcast from the Food Finance Institute - PowerPress Podcast

Big changes are coming to some 30 radio stations around the country. E.W Scripps is cutting their radio department and will be selling off their 34 stations. In a move to focus more on podcasts, the multimedia company is also restructuring in other dep...

2018 Podcasting Predictions with Guest Clay Conry - PowerPress Podcast

Podcasting is not slowing down in 2018, at least that’s what these pros and experts have to say. 2017 was a very successful year for many podcasters, networks, newbies, etc, and 2018 will be no exception, with quality content and delivery taking preced...

Celebrating New Comings and Past Achievements - PowerPress Podcast

It’s a new year and you should have new goals for the year. Due to taking some time off for the holidays – which gave MacKenzie some time to think of new goals for herself – the following episode is a re-run. Past show notes from the episode release in...

Starting a Show, Net Neutrality and Apple Stats - PowerPress Podcast

Starting a podcast can be simple, if podcasters follow a few guidelines. A Blubrry intern, Justin Mosley, recently started his own podcast called Pressing Clarification and used a PowerPress Site to get started. Net Neutrality was repealed in a vote by...

Services Podcasters Need and Don’t Need - PowerPress Podcast

With all of the options out there for podcasters to choose from on what can be helpful to their show and their audience, it can be a little overwhelming to figure out which services podcasters need and don’t need. There are some out there worth their s...

Super Speed Listening - PowerPress Podcast

Almost every podcast app out there offers the ability to listen to the episode at a faster speed. Speeds range from 1.5x to 10x. Buzzfeed went the extra mile to find out just how often people do listen at rates faster than normal. Mike Dell and MacKenz...

Podcasting Around the Holidays - PowerPress Podcast

Blubrry has been collecting podcasting data since day one when they started in 2005. Our statistics allows us to collect information on how people are listening – the trends, what they do, what they don’t do, etc. At the end of the day we regularly com...

Everyday Superhumans, a Podcast for the Passionate - PowerPress Podcast

Non-profit organizations – have you ever thought about how many there are just in your neighborhood? Kyle Smith of the podcast, Everyday Superhumans, shares his experience as co-host of the show and how it evolved into focusing solely on non-profit org...

NaPodPoMo – Podcasting for 30 Days Straight - PowerPress Podcast

National Podcast Post Month, better known as NaPodPoMo, begins on November 1st. Do podcasters have what it takes to podcast for 30 days straight? Here is the chance – no restrictions or rules – just a desire for podcasters to challenge themselves. This...

The America Out Loud Network and International Podcast Day - PowerPress Podcast

Malcolm Out Loud, host and owner of the America Out Loud network sees the potential of podcasting and creating a network that provides something for everyone. Malcolm started his network a few years ago and has continuously added shows with about a doz...

Celebrating Two Years of the PowerPress Podcast - PowerPress Podcast

Back in September of 2015 MacKenzie was tasked with restarting Blubrry’s show, the PowerPress Podcast. With consistent bi-weekly episodes, it’s finally the two year anniversary of the show. The official date, birthday, whatever one wants to call it, is...

Podcast Movement 2017 Recap - PowerPress Podcast

Podcast Movement 2017 has officially come and gone, and thanks to everyone that Blubrry was able to meet, catch up with and discuss anything to do with podcasting last week. We were so happy to once again be able to head out to Anaheim and sponsor and ...

Podcasting is Here to Stay Without a Patent - PowerPress Podcast

All the podcasters out there, let’s give a big round of applause for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, as they just won their appeal against Personal Audio in the podcasting patent trial. This means that podcasting is here to stay, without a patent t...

Be in Control of Your Original Podcast Content - PowerPress Podcast

Look out podcasters, Hollywood is coming for your original content! Be in control of your original podcast content, and don’t let anyone tell you any different. Podcast Movement is coming up quick, in about three weeks, and don’t wait to permanently mo...

Podcasting Services Updates, Advice and Experiences - PowerPress Podcast

Blubrry recently updated PowerPress, Ryan Wheaton of the Branding Brews podcast shares his podcasting experience, and Aaron Mahnke of Lore gives podcasting advice. MacKenzie and Ryan discuss the changes that came in the PowerPress 7.1 update – includin...

Advertising Revenue and Using PowerPress Multiple Times - PowerPress Podcast

In 2017 podcasting revenue is making a huge jump and PowerPress can be used in so many ways. Catch up with MacKenzie and her guest, Ken Gagne, as they discuss how much money podcast advertising is slated to make this year and Ken’s podcasts over the ye...

The Next Track and Apple’s RSS Feed Tags - PowerPress Podcast

Big thanks to Kirk McElhearn and Angelo Mandato for being on this episode of the PowerPress Podcast. Before the discussion about new rss feed tags, they start the episode talking about some of Apple’s announcements from WWDC earlier this month as well ...

Apple’s Conference, a Twist on a Physical Therapy Show and Music in Podcasts - PowerPress Podcast

The guest on this episode of the PowerPress Podcast is Jimmy McKay, host of the PT Pintcast. He chats with MacKenzie about the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, starting Monday June 5th, through Friday June 9th, and the fact that for the first tim...

PowerPress Podcast In Reverse and an Important Blubrry Release - PowerPress Podcast

Meredith Adler, a podcaster from North Carolina was MacKenzie’s guest for episode 45. This week they went with a different tactic – Meredith interviewing MacKenzie about Blubrry, PowerPress and podcasting. They briefly discuss a potential new podcastin...

Columbus Podcast Festival and Blubrry Updates - PowerPress Podcast

If you’re interested to know what Blubrry has been to up, this is a great time to catch up on the PowerPress Podcast. MacKenzie doesn’t have a guest but talks about what the Blubrry team has been doing, such as attending the Columbus Podcast Festival a...

Blubrry Presence at NAB and A PowerPress Import Tip - PowerPress Podcast

Thanks to Blubrry team member, Shawn Thorpe, for being on the show today. Last episode he provided a PowerPress tip and we talk about another important PowerPress clarification this week. Todd and Mike will be going to NAB, the National Association of ...

Go With Your Gut For Your Podcast - PowerPress Podcast

Michael Harren, composer, performer and — most importantly for this show — podcaster is this week’s guest on the PowerPress Podcast. MacKenzie and Michael discuss the big release of S-Town, his show MikeyPod and Vanitycasting. If you aren’t familiar wi...

‘Infinite’ insights and ‘Your Podcast’ - PowerPress Podcast

Mike Dell of the Blubrry team joins MacKenzie on the PowerPress Podcast to discuss the 2017 Infinite Dial Report, an annual study released by Edison Research and Triton Digital that shows the latest information on digital media consumer behavior. Mike ...
Blubrry Podcast Team author

Opportunities and Marketing Your Podcast with Michael Arias - PowerPress Podcast

Big thanks to Michael Arias for being our guest on this week's episode of The PowerPress Podcast with MacKenzie. Michael's show The Dental Marketer is only six months old, but he's already seeing ways to profit. We talk about new opportunities that ari...
Blubrry Podcast Team author

Dealing with the Unpredictable with Chris Savage - PowerPress Podcast

Episode 39 of the PowerPress Podcast is here. In this episode, MacKenzie speaks with Chris Savage of the Eclectablog about the podcast he co-hosts, The Sit and Spin Room with LOLGOP & Eclectablog. A political podcast, Chris and Jason decided to sta...
Blubrry Podcast Team author

Creating a Balanced Life with Guest Rhonda Cimorelli - PowerPress Podcast

If you've ever felt like you needed to transform your life or needed a little more balance, specifically if you're a mom, this week's PowerPress Podcast guest Rhonda Cimorelli can help you. Before Rhonda and MacKenzie chat about her show, they go over ...
Blubrry Podcast Team author

Podcast Equipment and Marketing with David Pollock - PowerPress Podcast

If you haven't discovered David Pollock's podcast, The 10 Minute Marketer, now is a great time to start listening. He's this week's guest on the PowerPress Podcast and had lots to say about Blubrry, PowerPress and some best practices for new podcasters...
Blubrry Podcast Team author

Enthusiasm About Life and Podcasting With Katie Ward - PowerPress Podcast

Katie Ward, the host of The Enthusiasm Enthusiast joins MacKenzie on the PowerPress Podcast. Blubrry is based in Columbus, Ohio and they discuss a well-known show that also comes from the area. As they discuss Katie's show, it becomes apparent how impo...
Blubrry Podcast Team author