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Home of Cognitive Hypnotherapy
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Talking about relationships

Our job as agony aunt and uncle on the Jeni Barnett show BBC London 94.9fm (apart from us hating that description) has been one of the new things of 2011 that we’re enjoying the most. I pinched myself on Sunday when I turned to my left during the broad...

Trevor and Bex on the Jeni Barnett show

We’re very happy to have become Jeni’s resident Agony Aunt and Uncle – reducing it, rather than increasing it, we hope. The subject this time was anxiety, and Bex and Trevor share a Cognitive Hypnotherapy perspective on the issue, along with some tips ...

Trevor on the Jeni Barnett show

I was invited onto the show by the lovely Jeni. As well as talking about Cognitive Hypnotherapy I also got to speak to some listeners about insomnia, low self-esteem and procrastination. Oh, and weight loss and the producer’s jealousy. It was a busy ti...

Trevor Speaking on the Lynn Parsons show

Trevor talks on BBC radio about how you can use your mind instead of painkillers in everyday situations, a subject his clumsiness makes very dear to his heart. Trevor Speaking on the Lynn Parsons showThe post Trevor Speaking on the Lynn Parsons show ap...

Trevor Speaking on Radio 4

It’s always fun to be involved in a broadcast, and to do so from the famous Radio 4/World Service studios was a particular thrill. The knocking noise you hear every now and again is me tapping a cast I was wearing at the time on the table while I tried...

The assumptions that drive our therapy Podcast

We all work from a set of assumptions – mainly without being aware of what they are. Here I talk about a recent insight that reminded me of the importance of raising them to our awareness. The assumptions that drive our therapyThe post The assumptions ...

Reconsolidation Theory Podcast

This has been one of my most popular blogs/articles, so I’ve produced it as a podcast. In my opinion Reconsolidation theory is one of the most important things to happen for therapy in a very long time. Reconsolidation theory and the point of therapyTh...

We get what we try to avoid

Have you ever had the experience of seemingly getting in life exactly what you didn’t want? Or where you know you want something – like promotion, or to pass an exam, but your behaviour somehow sabotages it? This is something I call the Therapeutic Par...

Choosing a therapist

Our first every podcast explores some of the things a member of the public would be wise to consider when choosing a Hypnotherapist. Please feel free to leave any feedback below. Choosing a TherapistThe post Choosing a therapist appeared first on The Q...