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Inspiring interviews with leading Physiotherapists, discussing real life assessment and treatment, clinical issues and ways to give you an edge in your Physiotherapy clinical practice. Pushing the boundaries of Physiotherapy to not only treat pain, but improve their own clinical performance.

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clinical inspiration for Physiotherapists. Interviews with leading Physiotherapists, clinicians and researchers that will accelerate your clinical skills to a whole new level
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Physio Edge 094 Strength training treating knee osteoarthritis with Dr Claire Minshull

Have you ever wanted to improve your patients strength, but weren't sure about the best way to go about it? What exercises should you use? How many sets, reps and sessions per week should you ask your patients to complete? Strength levels often start t...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 093 Manual therapy - evidence effects and expectations with Prof Chad Cook

Manual therapy (MT) comes in all shapes and sizes - mobilisation, manipulation, mobilisation with movement, soft tissue massage, instrument assisted massage, muscle energy techniques, pointy elbows pressed into flesh and more. Patients (often) love it,...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 092 Plantar heel pain - The latest research how to apply it with Henrik Riel

When your patient has heel pain with their first few steps in the morning, after sitting for a while or at the start of a run, a diagnosis of plantar heel pain (PHP) or plantar fasciopathy might jump straight to the top of your list. How will you treat...
David Pope author

Physio Edge 091 Return to running - a guide for therapists with Tom Goom

When you love running or any other sport or activity, having to take time off with an injury is really frustrating. Your patients with an injury limiting their running will feel frustrated and be keen to keep running or get back to running as quickly a...
David Pope author

Physio Edge 090 Combating hand wrist injuries part 3 - Treatment with Ian Gatt

Squeezing a stress ball and strengthening with 0.5kg dumbells will only get you so far with your treatment of hand and wrist injuries, and soon enough you'll hit a wall with treatment results. How are you going to smash through that wall, and help your...
David Pope author

Physio Edge 089 Combating hand wrist injuries part 2 - Objective assessment with Ian Gatt

Your knuckles getting crushed in an overenthusiastic handshake by hands the size of watermelons isn't a fun experience. Do these knuckle-crushers know they're squeezing that hard, or do they just regularly snap pencils while taking notes, and wonder wh...
David Pope author

Physio Edge 088 Combating hand wrist injuries part 1 with Ian Gatt

Hand and wrist assessment and treatment can be overwhelming. There are a lot of tendons, ligaments and bones crammed into a small area, you need to worry about ligament and cartilage tears, rehabbing fine and gross motor control, strengthening, and the...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 087 AC Joint injuries with Dr Ian Horsley

A crunching tackle, flying headfirst off the bike onto your shoulder, or falling onto an elbow will often be enough to injure an acromio-clavicular joint (ACJ). When your patient walks in supporting their arm, or wearing a collar-and-cuff to offload th...
David Pope author

Physio Edge 086 "Sore but not stuffed" - understanding and explaining your patients pain with Dr Tim Mitchell and Dr Darren Beales

How do you answer your patient when they ask why they still have back or neck pain more than 12 months after an injury? Shouldn't their body have healed by now? Why does their knee pain get worse every time they do their exercises, put tape on it, go f...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 085 How to rehab groin and lower abdominal pain in runners gym junkies with Andrew Wallis

Have you had patients that developed groin pain after getting a bit carried away with situps or abdominal exercises in the gym? Or have your patients developed lower abdominal pain after running or training that is causing them pain into hip extension?...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 084 Running injury treatment - tendinopathy MTSS total hip replacement high BMI patients. QA with Tom Goom

How can you manage lower limb tendinopathy in your patients that like to run? Can runners with medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS) continue to run? Can patients with high BMI or following total hip replacement run? Physiotherapists Tom Goom and David ...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 083 Running gait retraining strengthening glutes ITB syndrome. QA with Tom Goom

What are the key components when assessing and treating runners? Should your treatment of running injuries focus on glutes? How can your runners schedule their training to improve recovery? Physiotherapists Tom Goom and David Pope answer your questions...
Physioedge author

Physio Edge 082 Achilles tendinopathy treatment - the latest research with Dr Seth O'Neill

Achilles tendinopathy treatment - what is the latest research, and how can it help your treatment? What is the best way to treat Achilles tendinopathy (AT)? Over the years our treatment of tendinopathy has evolved significantly. You may remember rubbin...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 081 How to treat ankle syndesmosis injuries with Chris Morgan

Ankle syndesmosis injuries following forced ankle dorsiflexion and lateral rotation of the foot require very specific management and rehabilitation to achieve great treatment outcomes. If you approach management of ankle syndesmosis injuries in the sam...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 080 How to assess ankle syndesmosis injuries with Chris Morgan

Ankle syndesmosis injuries, also known as a high ankle sprain, commonly occur during high impact tackles or collisions that involve forced lateral rotation of the foot in ankle dorsiflexion. Syndesmosis injuries can be missed in the early stages as the...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 079 How to rehabilitate ACL injuries with Dr Lee Herrington

Following ACL injury, patients can have a smooth recovery with full return to sport and activity, or end up with ongoing knee symptoms and limited ability to perform the activities they love. How can you help your ACL injured patients have a great outc...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 078 High performance athlete management with David Joyce

How can you incorporate high performance elements into your sports injury to help your injured players and athletes become strong, fit, powerful and fast? How can you rehab a player to perform at a high level when they return to sport following injury?...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 077 Anterior shoulder pain, long head of biceps tendon pathology and SLAP tears with Jo Gibson

The long head of biceps tendon and superior labrum can get a hard time in throwing athletes and patients that fall on their arm or shoulder. This can result in long head of biceps tendon pathology or SLAP tears, and cause ongoing shoulder pain. A lot o...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 076 Footwear advice for running injuries with Tom Goom

There are a lot of myths around footwear, and your patients with running injuries will often blame an "incorrect shoe" choice for their injury, or believe that getting the "right shoe" will help resolve an injury. Are running shoes the cause of, and so...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 075 Tendinopathy, imaging and diagnosis with Dr Sean Docking

Tendinopathy patients may present for treatment with an ultrasound or MRI report in hand, unsure how you can help them, or how they can possibly recover when they have so much tendon pathology. To add insult to injury, they may even have a partial tend...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 074 Hip pain and femoroacetabular impingement FAI with Dr Joanne Kemp

Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) may contribute to hip and groin pain, buttock pain, pelvic or low back pain and referred pain into the thigh. Is conservative management effective in patients with FAI, or is surgery required? If we can treat FAI cons...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 073 Neck pain rehabilitation and strengthening with Kay Robinson

Strengthening is not commonly used in neck pain treatment and rehabilitation, however athletes may place large demands on their neck during training and play that require a high level of strength or endurance. When should you include strength training ...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 072 Accelerated hamstring injury rehabilitation exercise selection and progressions with Jack Hickey

Injured athletes like to recover and return to play as quickly as possible, and we need to balance return to play against impaired strength, performance and risk of reinjury. Initial injury rehabilitation often commences with isometric exercises, progr...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 071 Hamstring strengthening, lengthening and injury prevention with Dr David Opar

Hamstring injuries are the most common injury in football and AFL, and we can help our patients strengthen their hamstrings while significantly reducing their risk of injury with the right exercise program. What are the best exercises to use to strengt...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 070 How to treat adductor related groin pain and complex cases with Dr Adam Weir

Athletes with groin pain will commonly play with pain until the end of the season, and rest during the off-season in the hopes this will aid in their recovery. Unfortunately this offseason rest period rarely results in recovery, and athletes head into ...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 069 Adductor related groin pain stress fractures and nerve entrapment assessment diagnosis with Dr Adam Weir

Physio Edge 069 Adductor related groin pain, stress fractures and nerve entrapment assessment & diagnosis with Dr Adam Weir Adductor related groin pain is the most common diagnosis for athletes with groin pain. In this episode of the Physio Edge po...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 068 Lower limb tendinopathy loading, running and rehab with Dr Peter Malliaras

There are a range of tendinopathy presentations, from easily diagnosed with a local area of pain and clear pain response to tissue overload; through to patients with trickier presentations and multiple contributors to pain e.g. long term proximal hamst...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 067 Shoulder special tests and the rotator cuff with Dr Chris Littlewood

Shoulder pain can involve the rotator cuff, scapula, cervical spine, thorax, and other structures in this area. Recent research has also explored the role of patient beliefs and expectations on the outcomes of Physiotherapy for shoulder pain. Which fac...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 066 How to treat calf pain in runners with Tom Goom

Experiencing increasing calf pain with running can be an incredibly frustrating experience for your running patients, especially when it is severely limiting or stopping them from being able to run. You can have a lot of success in helping your runners...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 065 Differential diagnosis of calf pain in runners with Tom Goom

When your patients present with calf pain, do you have a clear understanding of the likely causes and potential differential diagnosis? Do they have any red flags that require urgent medical attention? What other issues besides a calf tear could be cau...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 064 What is causing calf pain in runners and how can you assess it with Tom Goom

One of the most popular blogposts of all time on Tom Goom's website is on how to manage calf tears in runners. Is this because it is a really common problem, or because Tom wrote such a great blogpost? It's a bit hard to tell, and mo...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 063 How to assess and treat posterior hip pain with Benoy Mathew

Posterior hip pain can have a number of causes, with referral from the lumbar spine, SIJ and hip, along with local structures such as the hip joint, gluteals, glute tendons, proximal hamstring tendons. How can you identify the structures involved in yo...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 062 How to treat plantar fasciopathy in runners with Tom Goom

How can you treat plantar fasciopathy? How can you return your plantar fasciopathy patients to activity and running? When can they run without aggravating their pain?In episode 62 of the Physio Edge podcast,Tom Goom andDavid Pope help you discover exac...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 061 How to assess& diagnose plantar fasciopathy in runners with Tom Goom

Assessment and diagnosis is vital in planning your plantar fasciopathy treatment program, and successfully returning your patients to activity and running. Structures in the vicinity of the plantar fascia insertion may contribute to plantar heel pain, ...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 060 Plantar fasciopathy in runners with Tom Goom

Plantar fasciopathy is one of the most common causes of foot pain in runners and non-athletes alike. Our understanding of plantar fasciopathy (PF) pathology and treatment has progressed significantly over recent years. In episode 60 of the Physio Edge ...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 059 Running Injuries - What are the most important factors? A group discussion with Tom Goom, Greg Lehman& Dr Christian Barton

How can you identify the most important factors involved in your patients running injuries? During your rehabilitation of runners, which is most important to address - load, gait pattern, strength, foot strike, pelvic position, footwear, range of movem...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 059 Running Injuries - What are the Most Important Factors? A Group Debate with Tom Goom, Greg Lehman& Dr Christian Barton

How can you identify the most important factors involved in your patients running injuries? During your rehabilitation of runners, which is most important to address - load, gait pattern, strength, foot strike, pelvic position, footwear, range of movem...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 058 How to monitor your athletes workload with Tom Goom

Your athletes workload consists of the amount of running, training and matches performed. Their current workload can be compared to previous workload to identify periods where they may be at risk of injury or setting back their rehabilitation (Gabbett ...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 057 Advanced Running Tests& Optimising Performance with Tom Goom

Helping our running patients recover and return to running following injury is our primary rehab priority, however we may also have the opportunity to help improve their running performance. Runners are often motivated by improving their speed, perform...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 056 How to assess your patient's running capacity and performance with Tom Goom

Identifying how much running each of your patients can perform (their load capacity) during their rehabilitation is a skill. This podcast will help you develop your load management skills, and know how much running your individual patients should perfo...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 055 Patellofemoral pain in runners with Brad Neal

Physio Edge 055 Patellofemoral pain in runners with Brad NealRunners regularly present for treatment of anterior knee pain. Accurate diagnosis is vital in guiding your treatment, and helping your patients return to painfree running.In episode 53 of the...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 054 Hip and groin part 2 - assessment and treatment with Benoy Mathew

Hip and groin pain part 1 - diagnosis, pathology and red flags with Benoy MathewIn this second podcast on hip and groin pain with Physiotherapist and Extended Scope Practitioner Benoy Mathew, we explore:How you can assess the hip and groinHow to assess...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 053 Hip& groin pain - diagnosis, pathology and red flags with Benoy Mathew

Hip and groin pain part 1 - diagnosis, pathology and red flags with Benoy MathewAcute and chronic groin pain is common in sports, however diagnosis can be challenging. A thorough understanding of pathology around the hip and groin and when pathology r...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 052 Conservative or surgical management for ACL injuries with Enda King

ACL injuries commonly occur during pivoting and change of direction sports. What is the best way to manage these injuries? Are your patients suitable for conservative managment or will they require surgery?In Physio Edge podcast 052,David Pope and Enda...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 051 Lateral knee and LCL injuries with Matt Konopinski

Lateral knee injuries are common in football with landing from a jump or header, or during tackles when the tibia is forced into external rotation. This mechanism of injury often affects the Lateral/Fibular collateral ligament (LCL), however LCL injury...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 050 Treating the TMJ and jaw pain with Dr Stephen Shaffer

Temporomandibular joint pain and dysfunction can significantly impact your patients life, limiting their ability to enjoy eating and talking. Temporomandibular dysfunction (TMD) has a lot of musculoskeletal contributors that physiotherapists are perfec...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 049 Running from injury part 2 with Dr Rich Willy

Physio Edge 049 Running from injury part 2 with Dr Rich WillyIn Running from Injury Part 2, Dr Rich Willy will help you perform a running assessment and tie this into running retraining for patients with achilles tendinopathy, patellofemoral joint pain...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 048 Running from injury part 1 with Dr Rich Willy

Are you looking to improve your assessment& treatment of runners? Would you like to know exactly what to look for in a running assessment? What are the most important factors to treat when your running patients have achilles tendinopathy? How is th...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 047 Rotator cuff tendinopathy with Dr Chris Littlewood

The rotator cuff and rotator cuff tendons are often involved in shoulder pain, and targeted with our treatment. Dr Chris Littlewood is a Physio and senior research fellow at the University of Sheffield, and spends a large portion of his time studying a...
Physio Edge author

Physio Edge 046 Proximal hamstring tendinopathy with Tom Goom

Proximal hamstring tendinopathy (PHT) occurs in athletes, runners, weightlifters, and other athletes, as well as more sedentary patients, causing pain at the hamstring origin and limiting your patients ability to sit, run and continue to be active.Ther...
Physio Edge author