Nurture– An Early Childhood Development Podcast

Nurture provides early childhood professionals and parents of young children a regular dialogue with thought leaders, practitioners, and family members about the most relevant topics in the field.

Emphasizing social emotional development, Mark Gardner, LCSW, an early childhood mental health clinician and consultant, discusses important questions and topics with his guests that lie at the intersection of a diverse range of early childhood fields, including infant and early childhood mental health, early care and education (ECE), special education, early intervention, pediatric psychiatry, pediatric medicine, and developmental psychology, as well as parenting and family life.

Topics related to the social-emotional development of infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary school age children and their families

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Best practices for early childhood professional and parents of young children
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NP 03– Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom with LuAnn Carrig, Preschool Director and Professional Development Provider - Nurture– An Early Childhood Development Podcast

LuAnn Carrig talks about Multiple Intelligences in the classroom… Multiple Intelligences is an idea& theory created by Dr. Howard Gardner that looks at humans as having many ways of being intelligent. This is in contrast to just looking at intellig...
Mark Gardner, LCSW author

NP02– Autism Treatment Program, Together for Success at Family Compass Utilizes“Contextual Thinking” - Nurture– An Early Childhood Development Podcast

Dr. Moshe Shtuhl and Mr. Joshua Metz from Family Compass, a psychological services organization in Reston, VA, talk about their autism treatment program, Together for Success. In addition to describing their program, we speak about how they utilize an ...
Mark Gardner, LCSW author

Nurture Episode 1– Dr. Karin Varblow’s Know/Go Model for Children with ADHD - Nurture– An Early Childhood Development Podcast

Dr. Karin Varblow, a pediatrician who specializes in treating children with ADHD, talks about how she developed her Know/Go model for understanding how the ADHD brain works. In addition to outlining how this can help all of us understand and support ch...
Mark Gardner, LCSW author