Not Gods or Machines

A podcast about Medicine, the Humanities and the Human Condition.

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A podcast about Medicine, the Humanities and the Human Condition.
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Ep 4: Discussing “Osler in Jail” and “The Nazi Patient”

This week’s episode focuses on discussion of two short pieces from JAMA and the Annals of Internal Medicine respectively. In “Osler in Jail” Dr. Joseph Bell explores humanism as it applies to incarcerated patients and in “The Nazi Patient” Dr. Bernard ...
Not Gods or Machines author

Ep 3: Raymond Carver’s “A Small, Good Thing”

This week, Jason sits down with John Pienta, Kaci McCleary, Dylan Todd and Marc Toral to discuss Raymond Carver’s classic short story “A Small, Good Thing.” The conversation is wide ranging and focuses as much on the medicine involved in the story as i...
Not Gods or Machines author

Episode 2: A Conversation with Dr. Bud Shaw

Dr. Bud Shaw spent much of his career as a pioneer in the field of liver transplantation. From his early days working with Dr. Tom Starzl, to starting his own clinic in Omaha, Nebraska, and now as a writer of the terrific memoir,"Last Night in the OR: ...
Not Gods or Machines author

Episode 1: Humanities in Med School/Is Soylent the Beginning of the End?

The University of Iowa's Carver College of Medicine is somewhat unique in that it has a Writing and Humanities Program that's directed by a writer with no background in medicine. The Program's goal is to work with students and integrate the humanities ...
Not Gods or Machines author