More than Just Surviving Life

Motivational podcast for Black and Brown people dealing with every day challenges and issues and how to overcome them.

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Motivational podcast for Black and Brown people dealing with every day challenges and issues and how to overcome them.
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Major keys to saving money

This Episode is all about how to make your money work for you. So you can save money like a Don. This Episdoe uses two of the most important things I've learned from some of the best in the game.
The HoH Collective author

Come build with us

In this episode we break down our new direction with and how to turn your energy and focus into money.
The HoH Collective author

Dominate Your Stress

The First Episode of Season 2 and we are going hard welcome back family. check the new website
The HoH Collective author

Don't be Afraid to Evolve

The Episode is all about change vs growth and the importance of innovation.
HoHCollective author

Live Like an OG

This Episode is about what it means to live like an OG and how to apply it to every aspect of life.
HoHCollective author


This is episode is about using the power of positiveness and your blessings as armor to face the challenges of life.
HoHCollective author

Become A Sponge

This Episode Covers the hows and why's to explain what makes learning a fundamental key to success.
HoHCollective author

Your Intentions Matter

This Episode is about the reasons, motivations and energy behind the actions we both take and receive into our lives.
HoHCollective author

The Power of Purpose

The Episode talks about the impact and importance of finding your purpose in life. As well as the pitfalls of not having one.
HoHCollective author

One Day at a Time

This Episode touches on the importance of tackling your problems and challenges in manageable way.
HoHCollective author

Trust in Your Process

The episode is about trusting in and having respect for the trials we face as we walk toward success.
HoHCollective author

Do Whats Right for You

This episode breaks down the importance of walking your own path. Explaining that no one answer is right for everyone.
HoHCollective author

Plans Goals& Dreams

In this episode we break down the structure of plans goals and dreams. Effective ways to manage and reach them and why they are so important.
HoHCollective author

Don't Suck No D

This Episode is about self love, self value, self worth and the way we allow people to treat us as well as getting what we deserve out of interactions and relationships.
HoHCollective author

Humble and Hungry

We are talking about the two most important H's in your life when it comes to doing better and achieving more. The mindset and the energy behind these two principals will take you far.
HoHCollective author

Learning from Your Losses

This Episode focuses on turning failures and losses into positive experiences in order to grow from them. Using every failure to build character and make progress.
HoHCollective author

Letting go of toxic people

The Episode talks about the effects toxic people can have on you your goals and your energy. The very real reasons for letting go of them and the importance of separating them from your journey.
HoHCollective author

Just Do It!

The Episode talks about the importance of being a doer and learning how to combat shooting your self in the foot by over thinking. Fleshing out the keep moving forward mind set.
HoHCollective author

Laws of Attraction

This episode focuses on reaching and achieving the things you most want in life from people and situations by learning to embody those things. Being the Change you wish to see in the world.
HoHCollective author


The Episode covers the different aspects of healthy and functional leadership. From work to school and parenting the type of leader you choose to be effects everything around you.
HoHCollective author


The Episode is about turning negatives into positives and focuses on the Japanese concept of Kayashii or doing things people think you can't to prove them wrong.
HoHCollective author

Keys to the Castle

In this episode we discuss quick and simple concrete steps you can take to get better at reaching and achieving your goals.
HoHCollective author

Self Improvment Pyramid

The SIP as a core building episode about how to set a new foundation for the way you look at life. It also touches on important mind sets when reaching for new goals.
HoHCollective author

Episode 1 Welcome to the Show

Introduction Episode of the More than Just Surviving life series. Gorilla Podcasting and going over things to look forward to.
HoHCollective author