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Reading is just as important as taking care of yourself
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Lifeliner: Podcast 29, 30, And Epilogue

Jeej leaves the country on business, and Judy fades. She’s had a longer life than she’d ever thought possible back in 1970, and she decides it’s time to say good-bye. Yet death is not the end. And her life is not the beginning and end of TPN. Her examp...

Lifeliner: Podcast 28, Despair

Cliff finds Judy dying in Toronto General Hospital. Panicked, he phones Jeej at his home. Jeej is astounded, but advises Cliff to transfer her to St. Michael’s Hospital if he wants him to look after her. Within hours, Judy is at the Queen Street hospit...

Lifeliner: Podcast 27, Dr. Cowboy, Where Are You?

Some change is not good. Judy’s doctor, the man who saved her life and kept her alive for almost two decades, has moved to a new hospital. Worse, the TPN program did not move with him because Toronto General Hospital fought for and won the battle to ke...

Lifeliner: Podcast 26, LifelineLetter Award

“It was like travelling with a celebrity,” Marlene told me when I was interviewing her about Judy Taylor. Nowhere was that more true than on their road trips down to New York state for the annual Oley conferences. Judy loved those conferences, meeting ...

Lifeliner: Chapter 25 Podcast

In this chapter, Judy starts experiencing the consequences of too little nutrient knowledge early in her life on TPN. Back in the late 1960s/early 1970s, not much was known about Vitamin D given intravenously; because of Judy, they discovered the requi...

Lifeliner: Chapter 24 Podcast, Sweden

Judy cannot believe it. For the first time in her life, she’s travelling in a plane over the clouds and over the seas. To Sweden. To be a star guest of Prof Arvid Wretlind at an international medical conference. She’s so thrilled, she’s not going to le...

Lifeliner: Chapter 23 Podcast

Judy fears bugs, the viral or bacterial kind, even a cold. For bugs can kill her. She takes pains to avoid them. Somehow though, she catches one. She quickly spirals down, and Cliff races her down the highways to Toronto General Hospital and Jeej. It’s...

Lifeliner: Chapter 22 Podcast, More Family Trouble

The fall out from Judy being absent for so long and then her life being one where death was ever present, continues. First Miriam leaves home, then Julie springs a surprise on her parents. Judy goes through a raft of emotions, but she never loses conta...

Lifeliner: Chapter 21 Podcast

Sometimes the price people pay for being the first, being a pioneer, appears in their children. And so it was for Judy. It began in her eldest, first with minor rebellion then with running away and finally with an arrest. Judy didn’t know what to do. I...

Lifeliner: Chapter 20 Podcast, Chromium Deficiency and the Swedish Professor

This chapter is a story about diabetes, about how a remarkable discovery was made because of Judy, because of Jeej’s work with her. They discovered that chromium plays a vital role in diabetes. It was decades before the wider scientific and research au...

Lifeliner: Chapter 19 Podcast, JJ, the Guinea Pig

Judy becomes famous. A reporter for Weekend Magazine in The Globe & Mail drives up to spend a day following her, talking to her, learning her remarkable story. Meanwhile, she complains about fuzzy feet to Jeej. He scratches his head over this unexp...

Lifeliner: Chapter 18 Podcast, The Bliss of Life

Judy feels good. She dives into community and family life after learning a skill she never needed in Toronto: driving. She becomes active in the local church, joining the choir, volunteering in the office, being the first to offer to cook the main meal...

Lifeliner: Chapter 17 Podcast, Barbecue Season

Time to celebrate! Judy had told Jeej that she wanted to thank him by throwing a barbecue, and she’s true to her word. She invites all of us too, Jeej’s family. I’m almost ten years old at the time, and I’m excited about meeting this amazing woman. I n...

Lifeliner: Chapter 16 Podcast, Essential Fat

They said fat was bad. They said fat will lead to a fatty liver. They said fat, intravenous fat, was toxic. But when Judy came to Jeej with flaky skin after he took her off intravenous fat, he finally had the proof he needed. Fat was good. The experts ...

Lifeliner: Chapter 15 Podcast, Supply Run

The hospital pharmacy provides Judy with only 2 weeks worth of food at a time. So twice a month, Judy bakes cookies, Cliff hitches up his homemade trailer, and they drive down to the city, down the Parkway, down to Toronto General Hospital to pick up h...

Lifeliner: Chapter 14 Podcast, A Different Kind of Dinnertime

Judy mayn’t be able to eat, but she lives to cook. Having at last returned home from spending 10 months in the hospital, she eagerly resumes her purpose: to nurture and care for her family, especially at dinnertime. And Sunday dinners are the most spec...

Lifeliner: Chapter 13 Podcast, Going Home with Lester

Jeej, still riding high on the good news that Judy will be able to live at home, ponders how to disconnect her from her artificial feeding so that she can go out and about. He and his residents solve that problem, only to see Judy have an unexpected se...

Lifeliner: Chapter 12 Podcast, Easter Tidings

It’s a drizzly Easter Monday as Jeej walks to the hospital. But the weather is no match for his mood. He has good news for Judy, but she doesn’t know it yet. When she hears, and later shares with Cliff, they can hardly believe it. The miracle that they...

Lifeliner: Chapter 11 Podcast, Tests and More Tests

Christmas is over. The staff are back. It’s time for more and different kinds of tests to see how Judy is doing, how this new artificial feeding is working. But Judy isn’t thrilled about the biopsies of liver and bone. To make matters worse, she doesn’...

Lifeliner: Chapter 10 Podcast, Christmas

Christmas Day dawns. Both Jeej and Judy’s children cannot contain their excitement. But there’s a person missing in Judy’s place: Judy. She cannot come home for Christmas as she is still too sick. And so while Jeej’s family enjoys the day together at h...

Lifeliner: Chapter 9 Podcast, The Langer Line

The Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) seems to be working, but the ultimate goal of sending Judy home on this artificial form of feeding cannot be realised until they figure out a permanent way of feeding the TPN solutions into her vein. Tubes falling o...

Lifeliner: Chapter 8 Podcast, Judy’s Inspiration

As Judy heals, she becomes more conscious of her situation, of the extent of her illness, of the odds against her, and Jeej feels that she may fall into despair as a result. He talks to Cliff. Contrary to the ethos of the day, Jeej tells Cliff to bring...

Lifeliner: Chapter 7 Podcast,“I Could Be Pushing Up Daisies”

Judy liked to joke about being a pincushion for Jeej, about it being easier to put a zipper into her abdomen, about her dates with the knife. And one of her favourite expressions was “I could be pushing up daisies.” She could’ve. For on her third date ...

Lifeliner: Chapter 6 Podcast, Let Judy Die

Let Judy die, let her die with dignity, Judy’s mother pleads with Jeej. Let Judy die, this is madness, assert Jeej’s senior colleagues, insisting he not waste hospital resources. Under mounting pressure, Jeej agrees to withdraw antibiotic therapy from ...

Lifeliner: Chapter 5 Podcast, Garbage-Bag Dressings

Judy’s skin has been starving, like the rest of her body, and cannot hold the stitches anymore. Her surgical wound has opened up, creating a maw through which they can see her insides — and smell them too. The nurses have to come up with a unique way t...

Lifeliner: Chapter 4 Podcast, Dr. Cowboy

Judy protests as she’s slid into the ambulance, standing in the dark, waiting to move her from the suburban hospital to the big downtown teaching hospital Toronto General Hospital. This is all too much drama for her, but Dr. Jeejeebhoy awaits her, with...

Lifeliner: Chapter 3 Podcast, Surgeries and Starvation

Judy is at Scarborough General Hospital, undergoing emergency surgery while Cliff waits anxiously at home with his neighbour. The surgeon calls him in the wee hours with good news. Cliff is ecstatic. But not for long. Soon the pain rises again, stronge...

Lifeliner: Chapter 2 Podcast, Shunts!

Dr. Khursheed N. Jeejeebhoy has come to Toronto, Canada to practice his brand of medicine, as taught to him by his Zoroastrian grandmother. But as the newbie and one of only two minority doctors on staff at Toronto General Hospital, he gets the tough c...

Lifeliner: Chapter 1 Podcast, Back in One Hour

Judy Taylor had a simple dream for her life: grow up and have kids. But fate has other plans, and they come upon her rather painfully a few years after attaining her dream, her dream of a suburban life with husband Cliff, who works in sales, and their ...