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Sonja Waldgruber
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Sonja Waldgruber

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About Sonja


  • 1988 working on the interface between technology and people in the roles Product Developer, Product Manager and Business Analyst.
  • 200x listening to podcasts.
  • 2016 active in the Chaos Computer Club and its initiative Chaos macht Schule.

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Gigs, Sonja Waldgruber has been engaged in

Date Podcast Episode Role
3.06.2017 Aua-uff-Code! Episode 23 - To learn, to teach, to code w/ Ramón Huidobro contributor
15.05.2017 Aua-uff-Code! Episode 22 - Turtlestitch und Codeweek contributor
15.03.2017 Aua-uff-Code! Episode 20 - Datenbanken contributor
8.03.2017 Aua-uff-Code! Episode 19 - Sonjas Ruby on Rails Projekt contributor author
12.02.2017 Aua-uff-Code! Episode 18 - Algorithmen zur Vorhersage von Podcasts, Automaten und Zellen contributor
29.01.2017 Aua-uff-Code! Episode 17 - Mobile Development contributor